Sunday, February 4, 2007

It's taking shape!

When I came across this sad looking gallon of paint last weekend, I was a bit perplexed. We are ages away from paint, and yet, this certainly lead me to believe that something was going on. I'm sure that you will all agree...that gallon has seen some action!

Our builder was at the site with me shortly after this discovery and he clued me in. The plaster was about to begin! Plaster...that means that the "dega, dega" concrete block was about to be covered. Our home would have a new, more presentable, facade. Over the past week, I visited the house a few times to be pleasantly surprised with the shape.

All that being said, Mr. Big and I were absolutely shocked to drive up this weekend to find....a plastered home, a driveway and the roof started on the garage. These guys are motoring!

The rest of the roof will be coming this week, so it should actually look like a home for our next post. (Imagine excited, giddy facial expressions here).

Growing up, we always had loads of natural light in our house. I never noticed this until I started renting condos after graduation and sorely missed large, open windows and light. When we started designing the house, it was pretty clear that I wanted loads of natural light and large windows. I think that you will all agree that our architect heard my requests:

I'm going to cut this post short tonight, but look back next week for roof updates! :)

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