Saturday, February 17, 2007

Inspirations: bedrooms

And it's time to move the inspiration to the bedroom. (Just inspiration pics...geez). As you will soon see, I appear to have gone through a bit of a poster bed phase. However, after searching out the perfect bed, it has become apparent that its not the bed (or the bed alone anyways) that makes the following rooms. Somehow they all give off a sense of calm...something that I'm certainly hoping to capture!

This first image has been the "be all, end all" bedroom inspiration for quite some time. The low hanging light gives a really neat intimate feel to the lounge area. The ceiling is fab. Not too masculine, not too feminine. And while I'm quite certain that those ficus trees wouldn't last three minutes in my presence, I might just have to give them a try.

Here are more beautiful rooms. The piece above the bed in the first photo never fails to capture my attention. The headboard and the neutral linens give it a real resort feel. In fact, most of these rooms are rather neutral. Does that mean that I am boring? Probably so. ;)

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kingstreetfarm said...

Oooh! I love them! To me, they all share a commonality in that that are very calming, clean, and cool but not cold. They strike me as transitional in style--modern with a strong traditional bent. I personally find that neutral type of color scheme very relaxing as well, though I will admit that I introduced a good deal of pattern into our tone on tone taupe and cream bedroom.
They're all gorgeous, so good luck with whatever you choose!!