Friday, October 10, 2008

They're ours!

The happy dance was broken out this weekend when I won four (yes four!) Panton S chairs on ebay. (Insert exclamation points galore) And Mr. Big even surprised me by saying that we could try them at our dining table mixed with our leather chairs. Aw, I love that guy.
They aren't the glossy version, they'll still be lovely.

My excitement has unfortunately waned just a tad over the past few days. See I bought them through the ebay Live Auction feature. Exactly one minute before the auction ended, I was the leading bidder at $175 (yes, for all four) which was well below my max bid of $400. In the last sixty seconds, a "supposed" Live Auction Floor bidder drove the price up five times, until my max bid was hit. At that point, there were no other bids made by this individual. Just seems fishy to me...

I've lost lots of items on ebay at the last moment when there is a flurry of activity. But I suppose that I am skeptical because this "person" went right to my number, but not over it. Hmmm.... Anyone else out there have experiences with Live Auctions on ebay? Did it go smoothly for you?

Make no mistake about it...I cannot wait to get our chairs. And in that vein, I'll through another inspiration photo up. Hurry up and get here!


Corey said...

Doesn't sound any fishier than normal ebay shenanigans. I wait until the last 30 seconds to bid at all and the ebay software will only exceed your bid by the minimum amount.

Jenny said...

You're probably right. I suppose that I was just surprised that the price went up that much in the last 60 seconds. Nonetheless, we got our chairs! :)