Sunday, October 26, 2008

General decor

Given that there is an entire industry built around styling photos, I suppose we shouldn't feel too terrible if our homes don't look magazine-worthy. However, it is useful to pick up the subtleties of decor that they share with us.

Stunning lettering on the wall. I refuse to believe that this actually is a garage. Photographed by Jeltje Janmaat as featured on Desire to Inspire.

Love the vases repeated in the tray. And I really like the arm of the sofa. Photo from Alexander van Berge via Desire to Inspire.

Lovely how the pods catch the light against a dark backdrop. Photo by Rachel Whiting via Desire to Inspire.

Not fussing over artwork. Out to enjoy, but not to intimidate. Photographed by Birgitta Wolfgang Drejer via Decor8.

Still loving dark wood accents on lighter walls. And those glass vases with delicate flowers are stunning. Again, artwork placed in a manner that is not "fussy". Image from House Beautiful via Desire to Inspire.

Mr. Big often looks baffled when I show him what I pick out of photos. "How did you see that?" What are other tidbits that you pick up from sifting through images?

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