Thursday, October 2, 2008

I cannot believe that I am writing about doilies...

I'm not usually a fan of lace, but doilies get me every time. I love that they are all slightly different, expressing their individuality in their mamy details. (Yes, this is actually me and no, aliens have not taken over my mind). With this admission, I must admit that I've struggled to figure out how to incorporate them without getting "too sweet".

Eddie Ross from Top Design recently figured it out when he dyed them grey. I'm absolutely giddy over the bottom-left doily. How fab does that look?

This has me thinking that a set of beautiful doilies could also be framed with the backing painted one shade darker. Hmmm... And by the way, look how great his white-painted pumpkins look.

Oh to be creative...and not an accountant.

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