Sunday, October 26, 2008

Garden shots...side yard

My mom is probably out there swearing at her Iphone. "She promised that she would post pictures of the garden!" I've been working off the wrong computer, so they're only coming now (someday I will learn how to set up these mac networks...).

Some of you might remember that we had a wee storm the day after our garden went in...

...but fortunately, we've recovered pretty well. Excuse the ugly chain link fence (the oleanders should cover it by next year), but we've actually got some green in the side yard. If you were to look closely, you might see that there are more weeds that proper tufts of grass. But hey, they're green and why split hairs. :)

View from the side street

There is a fair bit of growing to be done yet, but I'm loving the Queen Palms around our outdoor cabana. (And yes, those are unpainted walls that you are seeing. But of course, they can't be painted done we receive the doors, and ...well... we don't want to go all dark in this post. We've got unfinished walls.)

This is the view looking from the side of the cabana back to the house. We were fortunate to get two beautiful pale lavender bougainvillea for either side of the kitchen window (check out all the blossoms on those puppies). The long term objective is to install a lattice system and grow them up the wall.

This is the area behind the garage. Ironically, it's developing really beautifully. Bummer that we can't see it all that well from the house. And yes, the painter will finish those faux windows when he comes back for the bare walls. (Deep breaths in).

Because we used gas water heaters, we needed a tank somewhere in our yard. The landscaper came up with this rock garden to cover the tank. It's unusual and I suppose that it will work. For the life of me, I can't recall why we decided to put the tank in the middle of the yard. I'm just hoping that we might be able to find something a bit more attractive than the yellow-spider-looking plants for the rock garden.

And to finish on a fun note, Mr. Big loves cooking with fresh herbs, which we've been growing in pots over the past few months. The herb garden's final home is now in tact. This little area outside the dining room doors should make for a fragrant little garden for us.

Well, that is if we can convince Jordan that we didn't build this as a special sleeping spot for him. He loves curling up in here. Hopefully he'll learn once it's planted, but we're being realistic...maybe it wouldn't be a bad sleeping spot for him after all.

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