Sunday, July 20, 2008

We will survive...I think

We need to have Gloria Gaynor singing her famous anthem throughout the house at the moment.

We've patiently (or at least we believe patiently) been waiting for our construction zone to be taken over by landscaping since December. For the last month, we've been teetering on the edge of completion. We had such anticipation. The final steps! Each day we've eagerly run home...only to find various elements stacked against us...human, animal, and mother nature.

We've must run the gamut by now. I can't imagine anything else that can pop up, but then again, we don't really want to tempt fate. We will survive right?

1. First off, the back and side yard could not be completed until the final color was put on the house. The final color could not be put on until an overseas shipment arrived and the remaining stone tiles were laid. The stone tiles could not be laid until the contractor purchased thin set. And the thin set could not be purchased until funds came in from another job that the contractor is working on.

Wow. Does that make your head go in circles? All of this to get a few grass plugs in. Believe it or not, everything finally came to conclusion a week ago. Yeah...we were ready to start the yard!

2. The yard started on Monday and everything was progressing beautifully. Tuesday we notice that Jordan likes to lie in some of the plants (tolerable at this point). Wednesday morning Jordan dug through an entire pile of fill (should have expected it...he gets a stern reaction). Thursday Jordan pulled 1 of every 2 plants out of their beds (discipline now in full effect...Caesar style). Friday the landscapers voice their concern that the dog might undo a lot of their hard work (you think?)

The dog was back in his kennel and a plan on how to slowly (and responsibly) introduce him to the yard was developing. Things are looking up.

Yesterday morning the last tree and all grass plugs went in. The landscaping looked beautiful. We had gone from construction site to home site. I plan to take pretty photos for the blog first thing Sunday morning. Success!

3. Not quite. Last night at 2am Tropical Storm Dolly rolls through. Wait, this babe wasn't even a tropical depression yesterday! Daylight brings a rather bleak view of just how strong this storm was (and will continue to be).

We slowly turn to look out over our day-old yard. Ugh. What a bummer.

It's completely flooded. All the top soil that we purchased last week is running down the street into the canal. Fab. Talk about $ down the drain. As the rain lets up, we can gauge the impact a bit better.

The good news is that it can all be fixed. And we're not that far off from final completion...once again. The three strikes have hit so we must be done now. We will survive.

With that being said, entertaining comments on the humor of the situation are welcome. Ours are building over a bottle of wine. :)


Gene said...

Holy cow! You should have built an ark instead of having landscaping done.

Leanne said...

oh no....i can only imagine what a shock that was to see when you woke up... I heard there was a ton of rain..but didn't realize it was that much!!!