Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Sofa satisfaction

Finding a sofa that works for a 6'5" husband and a slightly modern decor theme has not been simple. We've nonchalantly been considering options for about two years now...unsuccessfully unfortunately. There were some contenders but none fit the bill completely. After a stop at the Miami Design District yesterday, I was starting to lose hope that a solution was actually available for us.

Of course, stories like this usually end in "until we popped by the most unlikely store". And so here we go. We stumbled into Holly Hunt 15 minutes before closing and both gasped when we saw the Augustin sofa. It's completely out of our price range, but proof that it can be found (and hopefully recreated).

It doesn't appear terribly impressive in the above photo, but it actually took my breath away. The construction on it is beautiful. Very clean lines, great support, and enough depth for a giant. British designer Kelly Hoppen used it in her own London flat in cream. Sigh.

So there we have it. A sofa that works for most everything. Whew. And P.S. If anyone knows how to get this type of furniture at a major discount, feel free to share the secrets! :)

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