Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Beautiful outdoors

Desire to Inspire never ceases to highlight designers and images that take my breath away. It's far to easy to imagine yourself enjoying the outdoors in these photos.

The wooden deck and dark pool tiles are beautiful. Unfortunately, the island sun was deemed too warm for my dreamy dark pool. :(
Images from Amanda McLauchlan Photogrpahy

Planters in a pool deck are a fav for me. And I like the simplicity of the concrete deck.
From William Hefner Architecture

Love the built in sofas and whispy reeds (cattails?) Very simple
From William Hefner Architecture

More built in and reeds. Dinner parties would never end in this space!
From William Hefner Architecture

I love our house. Is it bad that I love these as well? Or potentially more? Shhh...don't tell Mr. Big...

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