Sunday, July 20, 2008

Slacking off

What do you do when you are at work and completely uninspired? Usually I tough through it, but on Wednesday I just couldn't do it. A simple lunch break normally snaps me back to attention. Well this day it did that and a bit more.

I have been longing to get some palms for our master bedroom for some time. And what better time to act than when you are bored at work? I came back to the office 2 hours later with a pretty impressive receipt in hand. And I anxiously worked through the rest of the day so that I could get home and see these buddies. Home purchases = productivity.

We've spent time getting most rooms in the house presentable. But we never had the energy to get to our own room. How is that?

So welcome to our new friends. With their addition, the room went from oversized dorm room to somewhat relaxing. We've got a ways to go (sitting area and rugs to come) but we can take our time now. It's in a semi-presentable state.

Has anyone else done something similar or am I the only slacker who would play hooky to decorate their room? I may need help...

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