Friday, July 11, 2008

Monique Lhuillier stole my home

Tonight I came across photos of Monique Lhuillier's newly renovated home. I'm sure that many of you will have seen it in the pages of Elle Decor earlier this year, but in case you haven't , it's definitely worth a peek.

Of course, I am biased because I love the color palette that she used. Well, that...and the fact that it's Monique Lhuillier's home. When Mr. Big and I were engaged, I went soft at the knees over her gowns. Now she's done it again with her home. Not fair...not fair at all.

Photos by Roger Davies. she perfect? What a stunning home.


Why S? said...

That is a stunning home. I imagine she doesn't have a pet. Or if she does, it's been shaved. and declawed.

Jenny said...

Haha. You are completely right! Believe it or not, the articles says they have little boy...but probably also with nannies galore to keep the house clean.