Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Time out

There are certainly much more important tasks at hand these days than pining over beautiful rugs. But when the style files provided more beauties from Paola Lenti, I just couldn't help myself. The design in the final rug is wonderful. I'm not too sure how easy it would be to clean, but I'm sure that the sacrifice would be worth it.

And I realize that it's far too late to make any major changes to the house, but it's never too late to admire the work of others. Once again, the style files presented a beautiful home that mixes many different elements (modern, natural, rustic) seamlessly. Kate Hume designed this beautiful home in south west France. Ah, inspiration...

Yes, I will focus my attention back to tangible tasks here soon. With just over six weeks until our proposed move-in date, lingering on design websites needs to take a back seat (or so I try to tell myself...)

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