Sunday, September 30, 2007

Exterior color fun

Well, this is fun for us anyway..! There haven't been many photos of the exterior of the house recently, mainly because not much has changed. Our builder has requested our exterior colors, but we've been struggling a bit. I always imagined a stronger base color with lighter trims. Originally, we were thinking very dark, but ultimately have come to admire a light neutral similar to the following.

Our designer was in town this week and he suggested a true Mediterranean palette, being mainly white. This was an image that our architect originally sent through for inspiration which essentially flips the color palette with a light base and slightly warmer trims.

The latter would certainly require a lot of vegetation, but we were hoping for this anyway. Here is an exterior image (prior to the various indecisive paint swatches that now covered the front walls).

After looking at everything in one place (see this blog is useful for something), we seem to be leaning one way. For fun, we would love to see if others would lean the same way!

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