Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Crossed telephone lines

It's not a good sign when you arrive on site to hear the jackhammer fighting against your newly-laid stone stairway. Yikes. All of a sudden flashes of 7th grade summer camp start flying across your vision. Somewhere between being asked how the stairs should be finished and the actual men laying the stone, our telephone message was transcribed. Fortunately for us, our builder had it fixed immediately. A bit of extra dust and a few grumpy workers later and the stairs look great. Hats off to our builder for getting us to the right spot.

Besides that little bit of excitement, we were pleased this weekend to find that the first floor guest shower is beginning to take shape. This shower enclosure will be covered in a subtle mosaic tile which has just arrived on site. Boy, oh boy, is it ever tempting to sneak a peek into the materials.

All sorts of goodies should start making their way out into the open over the upcoming weeks...exciting! And just to make sure that the telephone wires remain in tact, our designer has paid a visit to check on things first hand. Ah the comfort of the independent eye...

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