Sunday, September 16, 2007

Cabinets have arrived

They went through months of excruciating deliberation, weeks of production, surely a bumpy ride on their voyage from Canada, and have now finally arrived on island...early! Love that. Actually, they aren't on site yet, but they will be this afternoon. We met with the installer over the weekend and he will be starting on Thursday. Exciting! Things are really starting to take shape.

A happy, happy couple :)

The floor is almost completely down on the first floor. We really were hoping to get a natural, relaxed feel from the tile and it has been perfect so far. Over the weekend, the lead tiler convinced us to fill in the cracks and groves in the middles of the tiles to help keep the floor cleaner in the future. It shouldn't make much of a difference, but Mr. Big seems a tad hesitant that this will impact his rustic floors. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that he'll be happy with the decision.

The concrete board has been fastened to the feature wall in the great room. With this now completed, the drywall crew has left the site. Mr. Big and I are in complete agreement that they did a phenomenal job. The house looks great.

It will be really interesting to see how the tilers fasten stone to this wall. They discussed it with us briefly this weekend and the stone will be laid in such a way that every third vertical row will be individually braced. I wasn't nervous until they told me that this is done so that the entire wall doesn't come crashing down. Ugh...not a pretty thought. We're a few weeks off from receiving the materials for this install, but it will be great to see the wall finished.

Well, there's a bit of an update. Hope everyone had a nice weekend!

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