Saturday, May 15, 2010

Kitchen ideas for a condo

Recently we've been considering updating a condo (emphasis on considering). The budget is pretty small so we'll need to be resourceful.

Ikea cabinets immediately came to mind for a new kitchen. The poor guy in their kitchen showroom was stuck with me for hours, but we have some good ideas. And the best part was that our fab new kitchen cabinets would be less than $2k. Mr. Big initially wrinkled his nose about this possibility, but after viewing few of these beauties and a test run in their showroom, he was sold.

Ikea website

Living etc. April 08

Living etc. December 08

Designer Carol Reed has a great blog entry about using Ikea cabinets. She uses them quite a lot, but emphasizes not to go with an entire Ikea fit out (i.e. use other brand appliances and fixtures).

Any experience with Ikea cabinets?

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