Sunday, May 16, 2010

Inspiration vs. Reality: Photo wall

While we're not totally there yet, our photo wall has been coming along.

Inspiration pic

Progress so far

For some reason, I was worried that our wall wasn't large enough for four shelves (not sure why because I measured it no less than eighteen times). Just a reminder for all the lovely ladies out there...sometimes its not best to go with your gut. Math really does work. The walls would be mangled if we adjusted them, so this is how they will stay.

To me, the larger frames on the lowest shelf looks better than the smaller ones on the top. If all frames were the size of those in the top row, there would probably be too much space between the shelves. But of course, larger frames means less pics...and what fun is that? Maybe once all rows have large frames, I can throw some of the smaller ones throughout.

Nevertheless, I love looking at it as I leave the house for work every morning (it's at the top of our stairs). I'd love to get thoughts or suggestions!


Joe said...
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noID said...

I love the wall. So much that I'm using it as MY inspiration picture! I'd love to see pictures of the rest of the home. Any chance of that??