Monday, May 17, 2010

Ideas for costal decor - part II

I can't seem to turn the faucet off! In just browsing through some photos online, here are a few more decorating ideas for a coastal decor that just feel right.

These three pots of grass on the table are beautiful. I love the natural terra cotta against the dark wood. And white slip cover couches and chairs feel effortless. I suspect that the covers could be easily bleached and thrown in the washer in the case of little fingers. (Does anyone have experience with this?)

I love the spray of tall grass on the kitchen countertop. It give s a bit of volume with the high ceilings and again adds a natural element. The very modern piece of artwork is great in this room as well.

Similarly, the tub filled with lots of palm fronds feels "easy breezy", yet adds just a bit of depth. Imagine how dry this room would feel without them.

And again...palm fronds in a glass vase just couldn't be easier. I like the combination of a few on furniture and some on the floor.

Source unknown

Another example. Actually the consistent key appears to be just a few arrangements, glasses vases, and fronds (which you can now get in very lifelike silk versions for maintenance free living). And check out how cool this coffee table is with the big blown vases on top.

These are perhaps a wee too dramatic for everyday living, but could be good on the ground or would be bold as a centerpiece for a party.

Could you imagine having a hanging daybed on your front porch? Pillows and a mattress covered in Sunbrella would hold up to the elements. And while I probably wouldn't put the rug at an angle, it sure does add to the cozy feel.

Rooms with neutral bases can easily be updated by the season with pillows and throws. This quick dash of tangerine is quite fun.

Everything I've picked up above is probably very obvious to those of you doing coastal decor, but it's a bit neat for me to look at something new for a change. Any more sources for ideas on finishing touches? I'd love to hear about them.

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