Sunday, May 16, 2010

Ideas for coastal decor

A good friend recently built a beautiful new house reminiscent of Diane Keaton's home in "Somethings Got to Give". They have beautiful grey wood floors, white plank walls and dark wood accents, including amazing beams across their ceilings. And of course, there is the gorgeous white kitchen with rough black granite countertops. For a family with two little boys, its completely liveable, with just the littlest touch of elegance to it. Although I'm not there to go shopping with her, I couldn't help doing a bit of etsy browsing on her behalf. Maybe something here will catch her eye.

We're starting a bit nostalgic, but I could really see these recycled Coke glasses in her kitchen, which is emphasizes family time. Imagine how cool her boys would find them, especially when friends come over. And when not in use, they would add just a peep of color and humor through her glass.

From etsy seller angelicglass

Keeping in the same vein, I could see a collection of blue glass jars in many places in her home. While it would be easy to put them in the kitchen, they could look great on shelves or countertops in their office, living room, or boys play areas. I think the key here would be to have 3 or 5 in varying color/shapes to make it look like a collection.

From etsy seller jwhite2

And for outdoor dinner parties, a modern table could be beautifully illuminated with some painted mason jars. Just enough to give a quiet nod to the kitchen inside.

From etsy seller alyssaettinger

These large pebbles make me think of the beach. A nest of these could be really cute on a bathroom countertop with family members names, or if more humor is desired, "wash up before dinner".

From etsy seller sjengraving

They have this great area outside their boys' rooms for them to congregate. They will soon be riding their bikes all over the street. This image reminds me of boardwalks and the big packs of bikes that you find outside seaside cafes. It would be great in a common area like they have. The modern aesthetic could appeal to mom and dad, while an image of bikes would likely never disappoint a 5 year old.

From etsy sellerbicyclepaintings

In the same vein, this photo of a beachside swing set would be great in a common area or playroom. It keeps with the nostalgic, youthful theme, while not getting too "goopy". It leaves a bit to the imagination. Can't you just imagine yourself there right now?

From etsy seller JP Greenwood

A sign like this would be really fun in the boys bathroom (which is shared). Or even better, put it next to a guest shower/bath and give your friends a good laugh. Another idea would be to put it above dog water bowls (even if outside). Maybe a bit corny, but I got a laugh out of it.

From etsy seller johnwgolden

A large black and white image of the two boys would also be great in a play space. It also has a nostalgic feel, without being to obvious or sugary sweet. There is no question that their two boys would have a great pic to turn into a great wall piece.

From etsy seller phunklab

Turning our focus to "big kids", these would be pretty pieces on a cabinet top, hanging on the wall, or on a side table. But be warned, I've found that Mr. Big ties to use these types of bowls to store things (mail and paper). The nerve! How dare he think that a bowl is for using... :). Nonetheless, I like how modern the first piece is. To make sure that the house doesn't get too beachy, a few items like this would keep balance.

From etsy seller steeltoehome

From etsy sellerisabelleabramson

Personally, I find that it's really nice to have a few natural elements to keep the house feeling fresh. Etsy seller floresdelsol always has something captivating on her site.

Etsy seller floresdelsol

Etsy seller stemsandthings

Returning back to the coastal decor, a few pretty shells always look nice in a wooden bowl or on a wooden tray. With youngsters in the house, clear tack may be necessary to keep them in place without breaking, but it would be worth it.

From etsy sellerblueroompottery

Or combine them on a table top with a few more modern vases and it will keep them from getting too beachy.

From etsy seller sarapaloma

As long as it's not overdone, a few pieces of coral also is dramatic. Similar to above, I would mix them in with some more modern elements. There are beautiful cabinets in her formal living room that are begging to be filled. However, sometimes these areas can be intimidating...if not done properly, the glass cabinets can look cluttered. A few pieces of coral, combined with some shell topped clear bottles would look right at home.

From etsy seller seashellcollection

From etsy seller seashellcollection

From etsy seller peacockstainedglass

Pillows are always good for a quick pop of color without a huge price tag. This pillow has a beachy feel without being too obvious. It could go on her current sofa easily to lighten it up and give just a hint of color to her living space.

From etsy sellerantracitproduction

With beautiful wood paneled walls, I would be worried about hanging artwork. It would have to be artwork that is worth potentially damaging the walls for (in my case anyway). While the kids artwork will likely be a bit more playful, more modern takes on coastal images can keep the house "current" (no pun intended).

Both from etsy seller AaronOverstreetArt

And after building their house from scratch, there is no doubt that they have a special feeling for the home that they have created. I love the idea of framing your front elevation plans or having a handprint of your street view on your walls. Go ahead and celebrate what you've accomplished! This again carries the nostalgic theme through the decor.

She has a stunning front entry to her house that is begging to be shown off. Nothing to fancy, but something that makes you feel happy when you walk in the home. Although the space is wider than what is shown below, I like the distressed table with a few special items on top. It wouldn't seem too difficult to have a piece custom made by a local carpenter for the space.

I love the lazy baskets below as well. Add a few sprays of eucalyptus in a tall glass vase for a natural element. Or the hydrangeas in the pail still carry out the casual theme.

From interior stylist Atlanta Bartlett

Above the table, I like the idea of framed sea fans. I saw this recently at the Catch restaurant at the Casa del Mar (see two posts below). Please excuse the personal photo, but the sea fans are framed behind me here. I loved the texture that they added to the room. They worked perfectly in the restaurant as it was right on the beach. However, they were really cool, rather than kitschy.

With the width of her entry, she could easily have two rows of three or four framed fans. With each one being slightly different, they really do look like pieces of art. How beautiful is this?

Sea fans available from etsy seller seashellcollection

So, I may have gone slightly overboard, but that's only because I wish I was there to have fun finding stuff for her house with her. Hope that there might be something in here that would work.

Anyone else have good resources for modern, yet coastal decor that she can look at?


Heidi said...

LOVE EVERYTHING! Thanks for all the great ideas for beautiful coastal design & decorating!!

Jenny said...

Glad you liked it! :) Let me know if there is anything extra special so I can hone in my search skills. I could probably use the distraction over the next few days/weeks.

Miss you!