Saturday, September 13, 2008

I'm stalking a chair...seriously

At first, I thought that I had a sixth grade crush on the Panton S chair. But two years later, I still get a spark of energy and flush with excitement when I see them. They can be used in so many different spaces, decor types and combinations. So perhaps this has graduated to something more serious...infatuation?

They come in loads of colors but it is the white (surprise, surprise) consistently captures my heart. They also come in glossy and matte finishes. Recently I had the chance to try out a glossy white chair and it was surprisingly comfortable. And it seemed sturdier than the matte finish (which of course means more $$).

I would love these as dining room chairs, but Mr. Big probably wouldn't be so keen. He has conceded that I could have two for elsewhere in the house. It's a start.

Once the budget gets sorted, two of those glossy babes will be making a journey across the Caribbean sea. Until then, the infatuation the continues.

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