Friday, April 11, 2008

At last!

Does anyone else struggle with whether to bookmark each beautiful, inspiring item that you see in blogs or on websites? I typically try not too, unless I really love them (of course), because I'm afraid of accumulating a million "warm" inspirations to sift through. Rather, I try to focus on the true love-affairs and take-my-breath- away moments. Is this is the right approach...?

Sometimes this obviously backfires because it is difficult track done the one item that you should have saved. You can't get it out of your mind. You search, you hunt, you enter wacky descriptions in google, usually to minimal success. This is how I felt about Sara Paloma's exquisite pottery. I have a spot in the house that has been aching for me to find her again. Alternatives could never be as elegant and I was letting us all down. Her creations must be out there somewhere. I've spent no less than six months searching.

Fireworks went off inside me this morning when I stumbled upon her Etsy shop. Sara Paloma...that was her name! Hallelujah, I've found her! And her pieces are every inch as beautiful as I remember them. Behold these lovelies...

Enter a sigh of relief here. Beautiful. No they are not inexpensive. But my dad always told me that you'll know when you have a love affair. You just will not be able to get it out of your mind. He always advised to get those items (after waiting a while of course) and skip the lukewarm eye candy. Now I can't claim that I let all the eye candy go, but I can profess that these are true love affairs.


Amy said...

Jenny! I found your blog through Reichel. Your home is AMAZING. Really great job.
Amy (NPwedding)

Jenny said...

Hi Amy and thanks for the message! You actually beat me to the punch b/c I saw yours through Reichel last night. Love it! Hope you don't mind if I snag a few of your inspiration pics. You've got a great eye!