Sunday, March 30, 2008

The office

After referring to our new office below, I realized that we haven't shared photos of (and blabbed on and on about) the cabinetry that has made our office a little sanctuary. It has a grey/blue finish that makes it truly unusual (so don't feel obliged to enjoy it as much as we do!). I'm going to have to read one of those nifty articles on how to arrange your books, etc. in a visually interesting manner so that our clutter doesn't overwhelm the cabinetry.

Before the clutter on move-in day


Mr. Big has been put on notice that within the next 5 years, I might want to replace our heavy wood table with a sleek, modern stainless steel alternative. 5 years buys both of us some time. I just think a modern desk would look fab in the room, but there is always the chance that my mind changes (again).

Once I get us a bit more organized, I'll treat you to all the cool drawers, inserts, etc. that we now enjoy. Apparently I love getting that cool stuff, but don't love getting it set up! :)


Copy Cat Chick said...

Love the wood tones...very unique!

BTW you've been tagged, check out my post on 4.10 :)

Jenny said...

Aw thanks! I feel your site. My favorite pages in the design magazines are always the "high/low" comparisons. I'll get some fun info up later tonight. Cheers! :)