Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Concrete countertops and wine rooms

The post below about our new Caesarstone countertops made me realize that I haven't posted any images of our concrete countertops in the bathrooms. They are nice and my favorite is this chunky one in our powder room. Without natural light, it's difficult to get a good picture, but this should do for now.

The wall tiles in this bathroom give a bit of texture against the smooth concrete. It's one of my favorite spots to send visitors. And for those who are "in the know", we actually have a secret door from here to Mr. Big's favorite spot...the wine room.

He is so protective that it took over two months for me to earn a key to his secret hideout. Two months...in my own home! Eventually I think it involved spontaneous cooking on my part that brought on the key. I guess he realized the chances of that happening again were slim. ;) Our relationship is that much deeper now.

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