Friday, March 21, 2008

Virtually strolling through the streets

My lovely husband introduced me to seeking out artwork in our travels. It's now one of my favorite parts about visiting a new city. And no, I have absolutely no insight into art, but find it fascinating how different pieces evoke different reactions.

Many of our walls are bare, and absent any big travels in the near future, I have taken to the internet for some virtual strolling. Wow, are there ever interesting pieces to be found. A few of my favorites so far (most are quite large pieces):

Natures Abstract II from Jeff Maihara, a Canadian photographer

Dawn by Jessica Torrent

Mystic Garden by Jessica Torrent

Four Horseman from Briana Taylor

I've struggled with Etsy in the past, but had a really good time today looking at artwork. Thanks to those who have given me encouragement to try it again. Also, ugallery is a great site to view student artwork at reasonable prices. I'll definitely be back.

Well, it's a holiday here on the island and obviously I'm taking advantage! Lazy, lazy day...

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