Friday, April 25, 2008

Please don't drop that window

So I understand that I should only think good thoughts to bring good results. But sometimes this really challenges me. Really challenges me.

Some may remember that we changed from glass block to a window for our master bathroom (posted about here). A few weeks ago our special order window arrived on site. We had an entire audience present to watch it go in...except me. I couldn't get my head around how they would get a window like this...

...up and into a second floor opening. I was telling myself "they can do it, they know what they are doing". Right. A peek inside my mind would find honest pleads of "Please don't drop the window, please don't drop the window". Mr. Big was outside "oohing" and "aahing" but my hands were over my ears inside. Please don't drop the window. Please don't drop the window. we go

Deep breaths

Ahhh...a deep sigh of relief

Well, there you go. It took no more than 15 minutes and all the anxiety was over. And of course, the team did great. They
did know what they were doing and they did do a great job.

The window is all finished now at it looks fabulous. We will be getting an opaque decal of some sort for privacy from the street (any suggestions out there of where to look?). Otherwise, it's so refreshing to have a beautiful view from the shower first thing in the morning. And you can imagine all the nice positive thoughts that come from that...


Wanderluster said...

How lucky you are! That's a gorgeous window to be looking out of every morning.

Just came across your blog. Look forward to watching your progress on your house.

Jenny said...

Thanks wanderluster! I love it, but I'm still on the hunt for an opaque film for the bottom 2 feet. You can imagine a nice liesurely shower turning frantic as a dog walker goes by. Someone would really have to try to look in to see anything, but I still feel a wee exposed... :)