Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Hi from Jordan

That's me

So its been a long time since my mom has posted pictures of me. I'm trying not to take it personally, because she's been pretty slow posting lately, but I decided this morning to take things into my own hands (or paws to be technically correct). Especially because her brother keeps asking for photos. This whole house thing is cool, but come on, I'm the real deal. Post about me!

So things are going pretty well around here now. I've grown a lot and play with all the big dogs now. It's fun to run fast with them in the muddy water. Mom whispers to Dad that I'm getting my big dog teeth in. Does she really think I can't hear her? I don't know where all this "big dog" stuff comes from, but hey, whatever floats her boat. Just keep giving me treats.

Check those suckers out...I'm getting big

And I've figured out how to get out of my outdoors space. I mean really, how long did they think they could keep me in a 600 square foot area? (I'm a big dog now.) They tried all sorts of different ways to keep me in there, but I'm just too smart for their tricks. And they've finally moved my kennel next to the back door of the house. Man, you would have thought that they would have done that after the first three sets of midnight howls, but no, it took them two months. It's not like I bark during the day so what else could I have been grumpy about? Anyway, we've got that sorted and all is good now.

We've got these great wild cats that live in the bush across the road from us. Wow, they are really fun to chase after. For some reason, they seem to like our neighbors house so I've started following them over there a few times a day. Mom gets all worked up about
that...something about some politician living there? Whatever, they have a cool yard.

Can you see me in here?

It's really fun wandering around the house because it's sort of a maze. Lots of scaffolds (bet you didn't think I knew what those were called, did you?), wood, tiles, nails, and other fun stuff. The workers are really nice and leave lots of chicken bones for me to find. I call it treasure hunting. Mom doesn't understand the game. Anyway, I hear Mom saying that the inside of the house is almost done, but that it would be nice to get the rest sorted out. Whatever, I kinda like the place so I think she should just roll with it.

Mmmm...treasure hunting

The pool is done and we've had lots of kids over to go swimming. That's pretty fun but sometimes they put me in. I'm not so keen on it. I much prefer swimming with the stingrays.

They've got me going to puppy training twice a week now. I guess it's cool, but probably more for them than me. I mean, come on, I act all prissy with them for two hours a week and then I get to do whatever I want the rest of the time. It's actually a pretty good gig because I get a lot more treats now. I hear Dad telling mom that she's not putting enough daily effort into training me and she gets this funny look on her face. Something about being busy. For the record, I'm totally with him, I want more treats.

So that's about it. I'm rocking this place. Peace out.


Anonymous said...

You don't know me- I'm a former classmate of Jared in Kansas City. Jordan is very handsome- he remindes me of my dog when we got him- so much fun but a little work too.

Just so you know (and in case you don't) steer Jordan clear from those chicken bones. They can break and splinter in his stomach and tear things, forcing at minimum a sever trip to the vet.

Jenny said...

Hi anon. hanks for your thoughts. And yes, we have heard this before and desperately try to get them from him. But now when we start to get near him, he bolts off in the other direction and we all end up in a big hide and seek moment.

We've tried asking the workers not to just toss their bones, but you can imagine how far we got with that... :)

Anonymous said...

We'll best of luck- he'll grow out of the puppy behavior eventually and training helps a ton- at least it did for me- I have a 3 year old chocolate lab I adopted at 10 months.

He's a great looking pup- enjoy!