Friday, June 22, 2007


Yes, I am a six-year-old. I'm sulking. After arriving at least a month late from the manufacturer, our windows have now been sitting on our land (all alone...pout, pout) for the past three weeks. From what we understand, they may not get in for another two weeks because the installers were not booked by our builder. Imagine the crocodile tears that I could muster up for our builder.

A good friend had two new sliding glass doors shipped with our windows. His were installed the day after arrival and he has been raving non-stop about how much he loves them. We're talking multiple text messages and phone calls about how excited we should be. Okay already! Then we go out to the land and look at the lonely container, wishing for the boxes within to finally be freed.

Honestly, this is like being six-years-old and Santa is supposed to come tomorrow...for six weeks now. Pout, pout.

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