Wednesday, June 6, 2007

It's 1am and I'm shopping for toilets

No joke. People claim that the joy of building your own home is in the details. While true, I also have come to understand that insanity is in the very same details. Tonights detail is the toilet for our powder room.

Originally we had a planned for three bathrooms in the house (two upstairs and one downstairs). After much consultation, we decided to add a powder room downstairs. This worked fine, however, this extra half bath is fairly narrow. As a result, our plans reflected a wall-mounted toilet, which did not have the same depth as a normal toilet.

When the slab was poured, we mentioned to the builder that the plumbing for said toilet was incorrect (through the floor rather than the wall). They said that they would fix it and a few months later it still wasn't done. In a moment of accommodation (and forgetfulness), we told them that we would change the toilet rather than making them change the plumbing. Aren't we nice? In retrospect, we were ignorant as we failed to remember that a standard toilet would not in it would block the doorway. Oh yeah, that's why we needed the (rather unattractive) wall toilet.

So here I sit tonight, well past midnight, frantically trying to find a shallower-than-normal floor toilet. This seemed to be an easy task two hours ago when I started searching. The solution has now been identified, but only after squinting at about thirteen hundred toilet bowl depths. Is that a pathetic use of time or what? At least it's a photogenic toilet after all that.

Duravit Happy D Toilet

Honestly, for our friends and family, if you ever have the pleasure of sitting on this much coveted toilet, feel free to have a giggle at my expense.

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