Monday, June 18, 2007

The barbeque

How to choose the much-anticipated barbeque? They shimmer, shine and gleam in front of salivating men, but the real question is how can you choose from among all of the different models available? (yes, the same situation is true with shoes and women...) In the end, the recommendation of a fellow griller is second to none.

When we were home for the holidays, a good friend suggested that Mr. Big seriously consider a Lynx grill. Not having seen or experienced these grills before, we set out for an afternoon to get more information. After all was said and done, Mr. Big was impressed enough that he won't even entertain the option of other grills...a Lynx it will be.

The next challenge was to determine which size and model would reflect the grilling prowness of Mr. Big. I let out a deep breath of relief as he passed on the 54" and 48" models. He then declared that this 36" masterpiece was exactly what he needed. Perfect! This will leave lots of counter space for dishes, preparations, etc.

Lynx L36R-1

Not so fast little wifey. You see, I had underestimated the impact of having more than one male recommendation. (Silly me) Apparently it is going to be very difficult for us to have diversity in great tasting foods without a Big Green Egg in addition to the grill. A what?

Mr. Big is more excited about this smoker than probably anything in the entire house...and he will be sure to pass on his suggestions to your mates. His eyes actually sparkle when he talks about it. For the record, I don't understand why we need both. But then again, he doesn't understand why I need three pairs of fairly similar black heels. So fair enough. It makes him happy and I'm sure that we'll get some delicious meals out of it.

That being said, don't say that I didn't warn all of the ladies. Beware of pointing and asking "what is that thing?". You may just end up with one yourself...

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