Sunday, June 17, 2012

Inspiring renovation

Wow.  This is a fantastic renovation done on a shoe string budget.  How inspirational!  If I were to renovate a lake front cabin or something similar, this would be such a lovely feel to go for.

Kitchen cabinets painted white, neutral countertop and open shelving (via just removing the cabinet fronts).  Love the dark wood center island as contrast.

Great casual eating area that is begging for lots of family eating and playing time.  Looks like a good spot to get out the cards too!

Easy, cozy living room.

Lovely entranceway creatively finished with old window panes.

Fun steps for little ones made out of painted house numbers.  Love the white riser against the wood tread and railing.

A room that makes you just want to snuggle into bed.  Love the putty wall color.  Very simple, which would work for a cabin.  Rug looks cozy as well.

Simple, yet creative wall decor.

What an inspiring article.  This entire renovation was done for under $300.  Yes, you read that correctly.  Although I suspect that there was far more than than in sweat, patience, and possibly tears.  Nevertheless, I hope that this couple is enormously proud of what they have achieved.

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