Sunday, January 2, 2011

Condo renovation: Living area

The final space upstairs is the living area, which got a bit constrained when there were 4+ people in the unit.  The first "before picture" isn't our actual unit (we were blessed with the lovely green couch with the golfer pillow), but it otherwise it's identical to our unit (even down to the faux plants).  

We were inspired by a friend's recent build in Southern California and put up paneling on the main wall. It definitely gives texture and interest to the space.

We're still waiting on two chairs and footstools to arrive and eventually will get around to getting something of interest on the walls.  At the moment, I'm leaning towards horizontally hanging 10-20 wooden golf clubs above the sofa.  We'll see though...

In the meantime, we were excited to find the bright yellow wooden waterski's at Lanier's (see in the corner by the slider?), a vintage leather megaphone, a few wooden rackets, a 1960's wooden skateboard and a turquoise ball hopper as well.  They probably won't end up where they are now, but they definitely add a bit of youthful whimsy to the space.

So there's the living area.  It will be nice to get a bit more seating in the space for the next visit, but our monster couch (at least 7 ft long) was well used on our recent trip.

Thoughts/comments?  What would you do to the space?

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