Sunday, June 17, 2012

Inspiration photos: Toddler play rooms

I'm in the middle of doing (and then rethinking, and then rethinking again), our little guys play room.  This is a collection of my favorite play room photos.  I'm sure that his won't be anything like these, but a mom can dream, right?

I would really like to do a desk area like this.  Of course, I saw this after I had already ordered a table and chairs.  I'm still thinking about it though as the table may just find its way up to his "big boy" room.    Love the bookshelf.  Given that our guy is really into books these days, this might just be a lifesaver.

I like that everything is at toddler-level in these two photos.  Also, the rooms aren't overwhelmed with toys.  It's interesting because I recently removed a twin bed out of his existing play room, and simplified the toys, and he's been playing in there lots more lately.  Perhaps a total coincidence, but the room just feels a lot more basic, and he seems to be gravitating to it more.

The picture ledge definitely interests me because then we can move about the images as he grows.  Right now he's loving his animal flashcards and they could be really cute standing on a picture ledge.

So apparently I'm on a teepee kick.  Although considering that we have a boy who loves to hide everything, he might have fun with one.  

I'm also on the hunt for some cool artwork like above or below.  A few things have caught my eye, but I have yet to pull the trigger.  So non-committal.

Another idea for the book storage that doesn't take up floor space.  

So there you have it.  This is all very much a "work in progress".  Once this is done, we'll be working on the little guys "big boy" bedroom so that number two can go into the nursery.  What would I do without moving things about in the house?  :)

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