Sunday, December 20, 2009

Inspriration vs Reality: home gym

When we started the home, we imagined two children's rooms, a guest room, and a play room for the kids. After two years, the children haven't materialized (we're still working on that) so we've effectively been living with four, yes four, guest rooms. Obviously that's not a great use of space (no disrespect to our guests of course), so earlier this year we decided to turn one room into a home gym.

When we first visited a shop to discuss home gym equipment, I received very perplexed looks when I expressed my desire to create a comfortable, yet slightly designed room. "It's a gym!" they would exclaim (Mr. Big in agreement of course). After much discussion, a brochure was produced that had an image of a serene home gym appease me of course. I don't think that they really thought that I was serious. Nevertheless, here's my inspiration photo:

It's taken a while to get the room sorted, but it's finally taken shape. (As an aside, putting gym equipment together is the most challenging, yet rewarding, puzzle...). I am seriously thinking about sending a photo back to the guys who ridiculed me at the shop as I'm pretty happy with what we created.

Actually, I now spend a lot of time in here, especially when Mr. Big goes on his basketball binges (defined as 3 games per evening...maybe just a wee bit much). A lot of bad Bravo TV gets watched via elliptical in this room. My body isn't really showing anything yet (holidays anyone?), but hopefully there will be good progress soon. Here's to hoping anyway!

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