Sunday, December 20, 2009

Etsy artwork results

A few months ago, I posted about these beautiful watercolors by Putnam Court. They've been framed and put up on the wall. No surprise, but I'm absolutely loving them in our office. They add just a touch of color, while still giving us the "calm" feeling that I seek.

We still need to get the countertop on the cabinets (not sure why it's taken us two years, but we've obviously been cutting ourselves slack). Nonetheless, it's amazing how much these pieces have finished off the room. It's definitely been worth the wait.

With that being said, is there anyone else out there who is just finalizing rooms after living in their house for two years? Or is it just our sorry selves who are taking so long? :)


Jamaila said...

We've been living in our house for almost four years and we still don't have walls, so from my perspective you're way ahead of the curve! ;)

Jenny said...

Hi Jamaila. Wow...I cannot imagine building for four years. You must be made of patience! Thanks for reassuring me that building (and then decorating) is an excruciatingly long process. Good luck getting dry wall in early in 2010!