Sunday, December 20, 2009

Hold onto your seats...I'm cooking

No joke. I stumbled across a few months ago and I've been having a pretty good time with this whole cooking thing. (Insert a pause here for the shock to settle in). For those that know me, they'll concur that cooking has never been a strong point in my repertoire. I pretty much do everything within my might to avoid cooking...leaving me pretty much to items involving a peel top lid. So you can imagine my pure delight when Mr. Big, cook extraordinaire, entered my life.

So how did this recent turn of events take place? Not really sure to be honest. I'm probably late to the game, but I really dig how let's you input ingredients and then kicks back an easy, but good, recipe for dinner. (Emphasis on easy.) Maybe I'm learning that cooking doesn't have to be hard to be good. And maybe the fact that I've got a mac-daddy kitchen makes me feel the need to actually use it. Who knows...but I've been having fun experimenting lately. And to add another shocker, Mr. Big has been giving rave reviews (unlike the forced, high pitched reviews that he's eeked out in the past). There's a very talented little gal out there in Calgary who is holding onto her seat (yes, I promise your uncle is safe).

Anyway, I thought that I might start sharing a few good things that I've found along my way. Today we'll start with the Tzaiki dish that has been successfully made to complement Mr. Big's pork souvlaki. Even our professional chef buddy can't keep his hands out of the bowl! :)

To my girlfriends out there, can you believe that came from my hands? Here's the recipe that I followed. I added juice from half a lemon to give it a little bit of a citrus kick. And to save time, just use Greek yogurt rather than draining normal yogurt. (Just click on the image to get a larger view of the recipe).

Is anyone else out there having fun with the same site? Or are there other sites that I'm missing? I'd love to get some input. Cheers!


seema said...

Oh, I'm so proud of you!! The Tzaiki looks delectable! is a good website to go to. It has illustrated articles called "The Basics" to teach you how to cook dishes!


PS: And I only held onto my seat in horror for a moment, but then I got over it after seeing the picture :)

Jenny said...

Thanks Seema! I don't know why I didn't see that you posted this comment earlier. Anyway, I'll try "basics" certainly would apply here! Hope you all had a great holiday!