Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I heart visits

We recently had a visit from a very special family from back home. Besides catching up on all sorts of fun bits, they are building a house as well so we had lots to talk about.

Fortunately, their process seems infinitely more organized than ours was. They have weekly printed agendas that they review with their contractor each week on site. Heaven. And when the first item on the agenda was the weather forecast, you can immediately tell that they are dealing with a first class firm. She knew everything on her status, down to the fact that they were 3 days ahead of schedule. Wow.

Anyway, onto the fun visit pictures. I adore their oldest son. He's got these honest deep brown eyes that you can't help but fall for. Yum. He's just that guy that you know is going to woo the girls when he gets older with his calm, sensitive, but charming ways. He's all heart and then some more.

He wasn't too sure about the water to start, but when you turned your back, he was testing it out. Hey this is kind of cool...

And then there is his little brother. He couldn't be anymore different. Where he is all love, his brother is all spirit. Fiesty, fun, ready to check this world o-u-t. Hmmm, wonder what's going on around here...?

In probably the biggest surprise, Mr. Big and their youngest son literally fell in love with each other. Everytime we turned around they were cuddled up together...

...sharing their own laughs

...checking out the stingrays

...enjoying the beach

...sleeping on the boat ride home

...we really clicked man.

I mean seriously? You're buddies and all, but it's time to give the child back to his mom. And yes, he was safely returned. Unfortunately for the rest of us, it was so that Mr. Big could put his cooking skills to the test. Blech...squid.

All in all, it was a great visit. Thank you so much guys for traveling so far. It was so memorable and we can't wait to come crash at your new place!

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