Monday, June 15, 2009

Doesn't every couple have a pool table story?

Since we first thought of building our home, my sweet husband has envisioned a pool table. I (mistakenly) believed that his interest might slowly wane, seeing as we had never once been on a date to play pool nor had he ever met his buddies to play pool. But as time passed, the vision became more steadfast. (Enter perplexed look here)

We eventually decided that the table would go outdoors in our covered "pavilion-type cabana thing". It was a perfect spot...close to the bar, good ventilation in the case cigars appeared, and well away from those that wished to slumber late at night.

You can probably imagine that shipping a pool table across the Caribbean isn't the cheapest endeavor. But even moreso, it's virtually impossible to find an outdoor pool table that doesn't look like a plastic spaceship. When we did, they were $$$.

Eventually I turned to our local second hand market to see if we could test the waters before emptying our wallets. Because the outdoor space will actually be enclosed with doors when not in use (not really so outdoors, is it?), I was particularly interested in this table for $300.

Wow, was it ever worn. The wood and felt were stained and the poor table just looked sad. Mr. Big wasn't so sure and when I suggested that we paint it high gloss white, all of the color drained from his face. Let's just say that I realized how much he really trusts me at that moment. With potential ridiculing from his friends on the line, he agreed to take the thrifty route. This is a recession and all...

Although the outdoor space is not complete, we unveiled the table at his 40th birthday. Must to my relief, it was a huge hit. A few coats of paint and a new grey felt top did the trick. And it has so much more character than the big bulky new options that we had considered.

It has been used quite a bit since then. Apparently it has a very slight tilt in one direction...I was pleased to hear that it's easy to fix (coaster under one leg anyone?). So yes, Mr. Big was correct, it should bring lots of fun memories and conversations.

Just before I finish up, can anyone pick out which pool cues came from my friend and which came from Mr. Big's friend (for his birthday)? Yep, the bunny ear cues with scantily-clad women came from his friends. We're all class around here... :)


Allison said...

This is seriously fabulous. My husband has been wanting a pool table and I have yet to find one suitable for looking at every day. This is perfect! Now my wheels are turning :)

Jenny said...

Thanks so much Allison! The best part was that we didn't spend a huge amount of $$ on it. Let me know if you find something as I'd love to see what you could do with it. Cheers!