Saturday, June 27, 2009

Any ideas for Houdini dogs?

I've brought our beloved Jordan back into our yard 4 times this morning. Yes, 4 times. It seems that he has burrowed a hole under an area of our fence. This is after letting himself out of his indoor space (paw + lever = free dog) and learning to open the gate (which is now permanently locked) . I'm at the end of my rope with him today (although you've got to love his tenacity).

And please don't think it's because we don't exercise him. Normally we do, but he came down with heart worm and is required to be confined without exercise for 3 months. He's almost through it, but he just can't seem to wait. Before his treatments, we had never known him to venture far. On Thursday we found him about a mile from the house playing with other neighborhood dogs.

Any good ideas out there? Crud...there he goes again.

Update: He's jumping the fence. This is so much worse than we originally thought.


Anonymous said...


We had the same problem with our dog. Jumping the fence - digging you name it.

We put up a 8ft dog run which stopped the jumping but not the digging. Fortunately for us she stopped everything and now loves to relax in the yard. Jordan will stop as he grows older but the bad news it took three years for our dog to stop.

Take care and give our best to Andy

Jenny said...

It's good to know that he will grow out of it. But another year of this might get the best of me. :) He's not really a nuisance to the neighbors, but he does trek around their yard at his free will. I probably feel most uncomfortable about they routinely laugh about it.

Sorry, didn't see who posted this...let's see that name so proper thanks can be given! :)