Saturday, November 15, 2008

Sucker for accessories

When I was ordering our kitchen sinks, I fell victim for the optional accessories (wood cutting board and stainless grids). I was not sure if Mr. Big would being rolling his eyes at me (once again) when they arrived. When the sinks were installed, the accessories didn't materialize, and to be honest, I completely forgot about them...

...until about a month ago when we found them stuffed away in a forlorn cabinet. It was like receiving belated birthday gift.
Mr Big: Ohhh, what are these?!?
Moi: Wow, in the madness of building, I forgot that I ordered those.
Moi to myself: Oh no, here comes the eye roll.
The first grid went in and I got a lukewarm reaction. Ugh, here we go. But then the cutting boards went on and it was all high-fives and "right on's".

Honestly, the cutting boards have been really nice. Obviously they are good for cutting veggies at meal time, but they also serve to hide used coffee mugs, that forlorn plate that hasn't made it into the dishwasher, and all the ugly scrubbers that we have. We also use them a lot for drying pots and pans. And it's so nice that they exactly match our sink size.

So while I was pretty unsure on whether this would end up being a silly indulgent purchase, they have been worth every penny of the $49 we spent. Yeah for wives...even if we are suckers!


Nate and Jen said...

Well, glad you found them! Thanks for blogging about them. I've been looking at some sinks that have cutting board options and such, but I was wondering if they'd really turn out to be useful, or just a gimmick.

Jenny said...

In our case, they've been great. We leave them on all the time right now. Good luck!