Sunday, November 9, 2008

Introduce yourself!

This blog was originally started to keep family and friends back home abreast of our home building process. Slowly there have been a few others that have peaked in, which we have been pleasantly surprised with (insert surprise that we had readers at all, let alone new parties...).

Lovely stationary from etsy seller InvitaPaperStudio

We would love to learn a bit more about those who are visiting us. Are you building a home of your own? If you are, what stage are you at? Are you family or friends? What posts do you enjoy most? Which are most useful?

We are coming to the end of our building process, but this blog has allowed for a slightly creative outlet. We'll probably continue, but would love input for the future direction.

Can't wait to hear from you!


Jen M said...

I love seeing pictures of the house comes together as well as decor inspiration pics. I love decorating and renovating.

Jenny said...

Hi Jen. Thanks so much for taking a bit of time to leave your comments. I just took a peek at your blog and your photography is absolutely stunning (as you are no doubt well aware)!

Corey said...

Hey there - love your design aesthetic. For info on me and house progress check out the blog. :-)

Jenny said...

Hi Corey and thanks again for stopping by. And yes, I'm thoroughly enjoying your renovations via your blog!

TomCayman said...

Jenny, have been checking your blog for a while as I build my house at Grand Harbour...have been doing my blog on the build, but more of a building diary, nothing on design ideas (as am general contracting it myself, focussed on the build). Blog is at , though way out of date, as been too busy to post as we get near the finish line.

hannah said...

I have been reading your blog over the past couple months, we are building our own home and wanted to read about others experience, i have enjoyed your process, progress, style and reading your short and sweet posts. We are building in a little country town in Australia, about an hr south (and a little bit west) of Sydney. Im a passionate decorator, photographer and story teller, so i associate with your blog...we have been blogging our progress also (although we have not made much progress, or regular contributions at the moment...but it will become interesting when we have something worth sharing)