Friday, November 7, 2008

I guess you could call this a test drive

After Hurricane Ivan stormed through our little island as a Cat 5 storm, we sought out the manufacturers of the best windows that withstood the storm (I was so impressed to find that hurricane windows work...even in big storms). We wanted the "mack daddy".

Pretty much out of the blue, we are faced with a Cat 2 storm, Hurricane Paloma, projected to be a direct hit in 10 hours. So how will our windows hold up? Their moment to shine is upon them...and we're eager to take them for a little test drive.

This hurricane will hit us this evening. And unfortunately, it's moving a bit slow at 8 mph, so it will probably be with us for a little while. I have to admit that I prefer daylight hurricanes (as if you could order your choice off a menu?). There's just something that makes the whole experience a bit more intense at night...the winds shrill louder and the unknown is a bit more "unknown".

Anyway, our home is going to be facing it's first real test. Too bad we won't be able to see all the action....

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