Saturday, October 6, 2007

Trust issues

Tall guys often get short changed when it comes to tubs. Apparently they get all squished up and taking a bath just is not a relaxing or enjoyable experience. When it came to planning for the house, Mr. Big wanted to make sure that we found something that fit him (understandably so). There were not a lot of options available, but our designer ended up finding one. Honestly, it's so big that you could literally sail a boat in.

While the picture above doesn't make it look so large, let me assure you that this baby is 6 ft long by 3.5 ft wide. 6 ft long! Mr. Big was thrilled.

Our builder uses an exporter who has the ability to negotiate wholesale prices for most of the finishings for our house. When I saw the price that he obtained the tub for, I was certain that the wrong one was ordered (being the drop-in tub rather than the freestanding). We were assured that it was correct, but I must admit that I was skeptical because the price was ,000's below what we were expecting to pay.

Well, the tub arrived on site this week is the right one! Believe it or not, the exporter was able to get this baby for exactly one third the retail price. Wow! I am extremely impressed. Now I need to go work on my trust issues...

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