Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Garage door

We've received quite a bit of input from others on wood garage doors. To us, they will really complete the exterior of the house. However, our builder has warned many, many, many times that there is a high level of maintenance with staining in the future, coupled with the possibility of warping. (Now wouldn't that be a bummer if we literally could not get to work because our garage door wouldn't let us out...)

After a bit of research, we came across a product from IDC Doors. It is a steel, hurricane-rated garage door, which has a 1/2 inch wood overlay on it. Plus, they offer a lifetime guarantee on the product (even for owners outside of the U.S.). At the moment, a staining process every 6-12 months does not seem too cumbersome for the overall benefit. So if this production addresses all of our other concerns, hopefully we won't find having wood garage doors such a nuisance.

And of course, there is always the female angle to such decisions...we seem to have found a door that is simple, but has effect. Hopefully they will look something along these lines minus the windows...and the snow of course!

Whew, it's nice to get another decision done with. I'm sure that our builder will be calling with another matter by the end of the day, but we'll just relish this while we can. :)


Monks said...

I saw you guys on house says that you are building in the Cayman Islands. We are building a couple hundred miles away from you on the west coast of Puerto Rico.

It is interesting to see other people going through a similar decision making process as us.

Check it out...I'd love some Caribbean input from you guys on obtaining supplies, companies that ship to the Caribbean etc.

Jenny said...

Hi there monks and thanks for your message. It looks like you are doing really well with your build so far. I left a message regarding concrete countertops, but will read through a bit more today. Cheers!