Wednesday, May 2, 2007


Windows are sort of a big thing in the Caribbean with those pesky hurricanes and all. After Ivan rolled through Cayman, it was very evident which homes had hurricane-rated windows...mainly because those were the homes with windows still intact. Good friends of ours were hit particularly hard during Ivan, but their windows were perfect afterwards. Interestingly enough, they purchased their windows out of Ontario, Canada (seeing as it's so close to the hurricane belt and all). We ultimately decided to go with the same manufacturer.

As mentioned previously, our order went in late and it now appears that delivery has been pushed back even further. This is a bit of our fault for not pushing the placement of the order, but there is nothing that can be done now. Part of what is taking so long is also the application of a wood grain finish on the aluminum frames. We've seen these elsewhere on the island and they are very attractive, especially in the Dark Oak (which we've ordered).

And just because there's not much else to write about at the moment, these are the door handles that will adorn the exterior doors. (Yes, more arches)

This is probably a terribly pathetic post for those that have not had to go through the detailed building process. Be thankful that you haven't had to consider: double hung or casement, tilt (apparently the new thing in windows...) or casement, white or wood grain, light tint or medium tint, right or left hand hinges, doors open out or in, panes or no panes, screens or no screens, frosted glass for privacy or pass, and the list could go on for ages.

We felt so triumphant when the endless questions were finalized and the order placed. Now that we've waited for over two months, I'm just eager to finally see them go in...but alas, it will be another three weeks. And there's not much to do on the interior until they arrive. Honestly, who would have ever thought that there would be so much anticipation for windows?

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