Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Inverted kitchen

Our kitchen plan has had three very different and distinct lives to this point, but we've finally nailed down the final details (and paid the deposit...that hurt). It's most recent life and final form came from a very talented and creative individual who designs kitchens for a living. He took inspiration from furniture throughout our current condo to influence his plans. Don't worry, it's not going to be a showpiece (as in some of the inspiration images that I've posted about here), but it did turn out to be pretty exciting for us.

The ironic part is that I was flipping through a magazine at the hairdresser two weeks ago and I came across a kitchen photo that looked almost identical to our plans. Think of this image in the inverse (dark cabinets with light walls), but this is pretty much where we ended up. Ironically, we spent hours and hours designing ours, and the design gurus at Ikea came up with a very similar look (this is an Ikea kitchen pictured below). Hmmm...makes you wonder...

Of course, when I saw this image, I immediately wondered whether a cream kitchen would be best for the future. Dark cabinets have always appealed to me, but I am slightly worried that they will become about two years. Our favorite kitchen resource convinced me not to worry, but we all know the likelihood of keeping my mind from wandering again in the future. :)

In the end, the order has gone in for the dark cabinets. The final change that I may request is to mimic the horizontal handles shown above. Our cabinets will be 9 ft tall (yes, I will need a ladder in the kitchen) and this handle placement may help to distract from the height.

One final call into the designer...or so I tell myself...

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