Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Meet the plumber

Will you get a hot shower in the guest bathroom if the dishwasher, washer, bath and master shower are all in use at the same time? Honestly? How many times are you going to come across this question? Well, we did today.

We met up with our builder, the plumber, and the gas company today. Rather than using traditional water heaters, we will be using the tankless gas systems. It sounds rather promising, but everyone needed to "ok" the water loads in the house. There were some rather complicated calculations taking place...even for an accountant!

At the meeting, we also finalized a number of our plumbing fixtures. You may recall an earlier post contemplating whether to follow your dreams or be practical. Well, we've decided to go with the dream. Shocker. We may regret it later, but we're trying to put preventative measures in place by using a water filter at the main line entrance to the house and ordering extra parts to keep as stock.

So here were some of the decisions that we made:

Guest and Master shower
(Hansgrohe Axor Citterio)

Kitchen sink and a smaller version for kitchen island
(KWC Systema)

Guest and master baths
(Dornbracht Tara)

Master Bath
(Bainultra Amma)
Jack and Jill bathroom
(Dornbracht Belle de Bain)

Think I like arches? I'm going to be in a world of hurt if this suddenly dates homes. Oh well, it is appealing today. It certainly feels good to have some certainty in this area. There are still a few more fixtures to be finalized, but we're virtually there. Bravo!

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