Saturday, January 16, 2010

An overwhelming closet?

Do you long (unrealistically of course) to wake up to something like this?

This article over at Apartment Therapy gives some good ideas. I found this advice particularly interesting and useful:
  • Put items used regularly at eye level, items used less at lower levels and items used rarely at high levels.
  • Make sure that the space is well lit

  • Color coding can make things easier to find

  • Consider good looking and coordinated storage boxes

  • Use coordinated hangers for a clean look

When we moved into the house, we ditched the 10+ different types of plastic and wire hangers. Through an ebay seller, I was able to get a great deal on loads (and I mean loads) of hangers. It's sort of a silly little thing, but the fact that everything hangs at the same level in the same fashion just makes my closet feel more coordinated. Perhaps it reminds me of a shop...who knows. I've also gone the color coordination route and find it easy to manage. is another great resource as it's author, Anne-Marie works through organizing her home and life. The best part is that she's a normal gal just like most of us, as opposed to a professional. That makes her posts just that much more realistic. And if for nothing else, you should pop over there to take a peek at her craft closet.

While our closet is in fairly decent shape, I have a particularly poor habit of discarding my worn outfits daily on our closet countertop. Who am I kidding? Sometimes I'll go 2-3 days (wink wink). I think this will be my New Year's have everything put away by the time I go to bed each night.

Does anyone else out there have organization-related resolutions?

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