Saturday, January 16, 2010

DecoDomo in Zurich

Last week I had a challenging week of work in Switzerland with lots of meetings, lunches and dinners....and window shopping of course. After meeting countless clients and contacts, the end of the week found me headed back to the hotel fairly drained. Well, so drained that I unexpectedly stumbled (i.e. curiously ventured down various alleyways) into DecoDomo in Zurich. Perfect find!

With a window display full of Designer's Guild fabrics and colerful pottery, they had me at hello. Inside, they introduce you to a perfectly styled mixture of morrocan, asian, english, french, and everything-else-good-that-I-could-ever-imagine design.

They carry Mateus pottery, which is designed in Sweden, produced in Portugal, and soon to be enjoyed in our least in the form of espresso cups anyway (sans the lacy saucer). Without the handle, they can easily be stacked and tucked away. We had been looking for something unique for a while and these perfectly fit the bill.

Their pillow selection, presumably mainly from Designer's Guild, was top notch. Their furniture was unique without being too "out there". They had great morrocan and other motif tray tables that could fit many places in a home. The shelves were filled with all sorts of other goodies, from reasonably priced porcelin bowls to decorative stands to beautiful morrocan lights.

Overall, it was unique to find a small shop that carried off so many different styles so successfully. And of course, they were as nice as you can image. If you are ever in Zurich in search of a fun design store, perhaps a stroll through the street will lead you to DecoDomo.

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