Monday, April 20, 2009

A long journey

On Friday, we received the call that we have been anxiously awaiting for...we received our Certificate of Occupancy. Yes, we are now legally living in our own home, just a mere 16 months after moving in. And hold you breath...66 months after our first meeting with an architect. This has been a long journey.

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In all our eagerness and excitement to build a custom home, we certainly did not realize how time and all-consuming the project would become. I couldn't wait to start making decisions back then. 66 months later, I feel like this whole experience has whopped my backside.

Don't get me wrong...I L-O-V-E the finished product. We still marvel and giggle over the fact that it's ours. But over the last few months, I have felt like a roller coaster sliding into the station after a crazy ride...a bit more calm, a lot more steady, lingering with messy hair and excited breath.

So I suppose that is why the blog has taken a back seat a bit. We've spent Sundays watching the Masters, evenings hosting friends for dinners, afternoons planting herb gardens, and overall just enjoying. It's been a real pleasure "doing" rather than "planning". Nothing beats relaxed, deep breaths.

There's certainly still decorating left to do in the house so the blog will continue. But it might be a tad slower than during the frenetic building phase. And we might get a few more "lifestyle" posts on here...dinner party ideas, interesting hobbies, etc. I hope that you'll stick around and share your thoughts as we move into the next in the new house.

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