Thursday, April 30, 2009

The joke is on us

About two weeks ago, everything came together on the house and our final inspections were passed. Life has been grand with manageable workloads, friends down visiting, lazy dinners outside and the warm aura of a new, completed house. Aahhhh....

I mean AAAAHHHH! Yesterday our guests found water pouring through the ceiling light fixtures of our downstairs bathroom. Turns out we have a wee problem that has been with us for a while, and it decided to introduce itself. Our upstairs shower has been leaking since we moved in, through the second floor concrete slab no less. (If Mr. Big's dad comes across this...You were right!) And without fail, this all happens the week that work gets turned on it's head. Of course it does.

So we've got a few holes in ceilings and walls (and no doubt other places that we probably don't want to know). Two of our bathroom are out of commission. Normally we probably would roll with the punches...but we've got only about 70 people coming over for a small get-together on Saturday. We weren't really going for the holes-in-the-ceiling and rough-sheetrock look, at least originally anyway.

I'm sure that the service teams will get us through, but no doubt someone somewhere is having a good laugh at us. Welcome to home ownership guys...

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